Creating a Perfect Home Gym

When it comes to creating the perfect home gym, there are a few questions you need to ask yourself. What type of gym do i want? Will my gym be used mostly by myself or will my chidren also use the gym to practice their drama summer schools homework in the mirrors? If you are one of the many people that are sick of all the hustle and the sweat-stained equipment and the walls you can find in the commercial gyms? Are you the person that just can’t seem to find the time to start going to a workout centre? Or, are you just a person who can’t afford to pay for it anymore? Well, if you are, why not just build your own workout space?


The very first thing you need to have in mind in order to achieve this is the budget. You don’t really need a lot of money for this; and especially because you won’t need stuff like the cardio equipment, multi-gyms, and other overpriced products that no one ever uses. Basically, you can make your own home gym for between £1,000 and £2,000. The equipment can be bought online, via classified ads, on eBay, in yard sales, etc. You can get used equipment, and for start, just get the most basic stuff, and later make your gym grow by expanding it.


The atmosphere of a gym is really important, because it is going to motivate you to go on. So, make sure you decorate the space with paraphernalia that is going to allow you to imagine what you’re trying to accomplish here. Make the gym match your personality, so that you feel at home there.

Essential Equipment

First, make sure you get a barbell and plate set. This is one of the most important pieces of gym equipment, and can be considered a foundation for your home gym. You can find this online, in various shapes and sizes. Make sure you get the Olympic bar, so that you won’t overgrow it and need to replace it. Also, try to find some professional rubber-coated bumper plates, just to make sure you protect your gym floor.

Then, there’s the bench. You can get a used one, but make sure it’s in good condition. The best are the ones with an incline and decline functionality; it allow you to change your routine and go for something new.

A rack is an important piece of equipment, and will probably be the most expensive one. Since you’ll be doing a lot of work here, make sure it’s sturdy and robust! Don’t think that you can avoid this just because you think you don’t have enough room; you just can’t get a great workout without it, and that is exactly why you need one!

Flooring is something not many think about here, but it is in fact one of the most important things when it comes to making a home gym. You need to protect your floors, and the best way to do this is to get commercial grade foam flooring. This is not that expensive, and could help out a lot.

Then, you’ll need to get some weights. Make sure you get some dumbbells, because they’re amazing for beginners. You can find them pretty much anywhere and are not that expensive. Also, a punching bag is something you might consider. It is a great addition to a gym, and is really fun to work with.

And finally, no gym would be perfect without some plastic gym mirrors, always going plastic / acrylic mirrors. This will give you motivation to continue, and see how much you’ve come along.

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